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Media Artist & Research Team



Revetronique is a coinage derived from a French word "rêve" and descriptive term "tronique".

We are an interdisciplinary media art & research team established from 2014. We always explore bland-new technology and devices related to Robotics, HCI, Mixed Reality, and etc. to create mechanics or expressions of our artworks. The ultimate goal of our creativity is to produce aesthetically and technically beautiful media arts to express our philosophy with our magical technology.


Materializing philosophy or truth we don't usually see behind phenomena around the world with the combination of science, technology and art.


We choose our art themes from wonder or mystery in science. Followings are the themes of our previous works.

  • Birateral Nature of Time
  • Bidirectional Interaction between VR & Real

Research Field

  • Electronics
  • HCI (Human Computer Interface)
  • Mixed Reality (VR/AR/MR)
  • Robotics
  • Remote Communication, Telepresence


Honorable mention, Triennale CHIKUGO 2020

Aegir: X(r/n)os with Unity

Triennale CHIKUGO 2020

Mar.12, 2021

TUD Award, Heroes League 2020

Möbiusschleife: Beyond the Bounds of a VR System

Heroes League 2020

Dec.12, 2020

Top 10 Rank In, Heroes League 2020


Heroes League 2020

Dec.12, 2020

Asia Digital Art Award Finalist' Awards


Asia Digital Art Award Fukuoka 2018

Dec.5, 2018

Selected to the Round 2, Aesthetica Art Prize 2018


Aesthetica Art Prize 2018

Nov.28, 2018

Passed the 1st round of Virtual Art Section, Arte Laguna Prize 2018


Arte Laguna Prize 2018

Jan.26, 2018

Intel RealSense App Challenge 2014 Finalist

PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth-

Intel RealSense App Challenge 2014

Nov.17, 2014

Campus Genius Award SILVER



Nov.15, 2013

※ join as collaborate members (Koki Toda and Sayuki Hayashi)


Asia Digital Art Award 2018


Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan

Feb.7-12, 2019

GUGEN 2018


Accenture Innovation Hub Tokyo, Japan

Dec.2, 2018

iiiExhibition 19 "WYSIWYG?"


Hongo, the University of Tokyo, Japan

Nov.16-20, 2017

iiiExhibition 2019 "WYSIWYG?"


Smartphone MR Shooting Game

Akihabara, Japan

Mar.12, 2017

NT(NICO TECH) Kyoto 2015

PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth- & DIY game controller

Kyoto, Japan

Mar.22, 2015

NT kyoto 2015

Ogaki Mini Maker Faire 2014

Lightnode & fiala(electronics)

Ogaki, Japan

Aug.23-24, 2014

NT(NICO TECH) Kanazawa 2014

PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth-

Kanazawa, Japan

Jul.12-13, 2014



MIRROR in Kuramae (Tokyo), Japan

Dec.1-2, 2013

※ join as collaborate members (Koki Toda and Sayuki Hayashi)

Maker Faire Tokyo 2013

illumination devices

Miraikan (Tokyo), Japan

Nov.3-4, 2013

※ exhibit as another name "どるふぃんきっく"

Minato Media Museum 2013

Lightnode (Light Train)

Nakaminato, Japan

Aug.11-31, 2013

MMM2013 Archive

※ join as collaborate members

Electronics Contest 2012

electronic devices

Arts Chiyoda 3331, Tokyo

Dec.9, 2012


HCI International 2020

Mercury's Boots

Online Copemhagen, Denmark

Jul.19-24, 2020

Late Breaking Posters

URL to poster paper

VRIC ConVRgence 2020

Möbiusschleife: Beyond the Bounds of a VR System

Laval Virtual World 2020 (Online) Laval, France

Apr.22-24, 2020

Full Paper in Human Centered Experience

VRCAI 2019

Möbiusschleife: Beyond the Bounds of a VR System

Brisbane, Austraria

Nov.3-4, 2019

Demo Paper

URL to demo paper

Laval Virtual Revolution 2014

PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth-

Laval, France

Apr.9-13, 2014

Demo Paper

photo album of Laval Virtual Revolution 2014

Koki Toda


Leading Engineer. He has created almost all systems and mechanisms of Revetronique's artworks. His main research field is human computer iterface (HCI), and representative research is "Graffiti Fur" studied in his graduate school. Now he still continues his interdisciplinary activity of research and development by studying various fields of science and technology for expressing the artistic concept of Revetronique.


  • 2018: AutomotiveUI'18 (Video-based Study for communication modalities with AI car)
  • 2017: AutomotiveUI'17 (Eyes on a Car)
  • 2017: WISS 2017 (Eyes on a Car)
  • 2017: TEI'17 (Grassffiti)
  • 2016: 18th Paper Award of 21st Convention, the Virtual Reality Society of Japan (Graffiti Fur)
  • 2014: Best Talk Award, UIST 2014 (Graffiti Fur)
  • 2014: SIGGRAPH 2014 Emerging Technologies and Studio (Graffiti Fur)
  • 2013: 芸術科学会奨励賞・デモ発表賞, Entertainment Computing 2013 (Graffiti Fur)


  • 2014-: Freelance Engineer, Researcher and Media Artist
  • 2016-2019: Creator and Engineer in a Robotics company InterRobot Inc.(
  • 2016-2018: Researcher at Igarashi Laboratory in the University of Tokyo(
  • 2014-2015: Hardware Engineer in a startup company of Autonomous Driving
  • 2014: Graduated from the graduate school of Keio University

Sayuki Hayashi


Designer and Planner. She has studied and researched remote communication technology for educational purposes in her graduate school of KEIO university, and demonstrated a new telecommunication system "PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth-" in Laval Virtual Revolution 2014.