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Beyond the Bounds of a VR System.


Virtual reality (VR) has become popular to be utilized in the many fields especially in the result of breakthrough of head-mounted display (HMD). HMDs provide immersive VR experiences by showing another image to alter the scenery, but external audiences are excluded from a VR experience. On the other hand, researches and applications focusing on the interaction between the VR and real have been increasing. Our previous research “Möbiusschleife” dealt with the above theme and demonstrated in VRCAI’19 [1]. We found some problems in our proposing methods, so that we improve them by the following ways: displaying hologram, synchronizing VR player’s posture, controlling physical devices with VR controller, and proposing a new way to use “Virtual Window” method. For expressing our concept, we develop a VR collaborative game. The same goals for a VR player and audiences clearly describe the contents and research concepts. Our new application with our new methods enhances the interaction and the presence of the VR avatar in the real world.

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Undefined (basically 2m square in VR/Real, and mounting a 3m height wall on the center)


VR Ready PC x 2, VR HMD, Large Display, Webcam, 2D LiDAR, Looking Glass, Intel RealSense D435


  • TUD Award by Tsukuru to Ugoku Design Inc., Heroes League 2020
  • VRIC ConVRgence 2020 (Lavar Virtual World 2020: Online)
  • VRCAI’19 (Brisbane, Austraria)