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Media Artist & Research Team

PuRimo -Remote Virtual Photo Booth-

Taking Photos together with Anyone in Anywhere.


We propose a virtual photo booth system “PuRimo” which enable people separated in 2 places to take a group photo in the same environment. The system provides a new photo-taking experience with Kinect and PC. Users in each site can take a group photo by standing in the front of it and holding their hand to a button on the screen A pair of it cut off users from captured image by Kinect, swap the processed image to one of the opposite side, and compose the received image and the scene image with each other. And we also implement that users can draw on the screen and add a digital photo frame by holding a marker for AR image processing. We realize interactive photo taking people who are divided into distant areas can exist and take a group photo in the same place virtually.







PC & Kinect (2 pairs), Processing


  • NT(NICO TECH) Kyoto 2015 (Kyoto, Japan)
  • Finalist, Intel RealSense App Challenge 2014
  • NT(NICO TECH) Kanazawa 2014 (Kanazawa, Japan)
  • Laval Virtual Revolution 2014 (Laval, France)