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Media Artist & Research Team

Aegir: X(r/n)os with Unity

A kind of Doomsday Clock revealing drastic change and anomalies of the global climate.


Our artwork "Aegir" expresses inevitable catastrophe, destruction of the global environment and ecology, if we keep our lifestyles as before by visualizing the global climate changes coming close to the Earth. We placed a continent with glaciers imitating Antarctica on ocean in the virtual world and 28 ice rocks are floating there to indicate the current hour with digital numbers by rising up from or falling down into the water. Based on the measurement report from NASA, the more the sea-level data increases the higher the position of the water surface is, and the more the weight of the ice loss in Antarctica increases the smaller the sizes of the ice objects are. We will end up watching how the ice rocks and ocean are; ice rocks indicating the hour normally or nothing to see without ocean because of sinking under water. Possibly, what we will see is a broken screen after all instruments are destroyed.







Unity (Game Engine) and Assets


  • Climate Data: NASA PO.DAAC (GMSL, Ice Sheet) & GISS (Temperature)
  • System & Scripts: Crest Ocean System (Ocean), Habrador (Rope)
  • Unity3D Assets: NatureManufacture (Winter Mountains and Stamps), shui861wy (Rock package), Saucy sushi shop (Ice Shader Tutorial), Danil Piskor (4 Snow Materials)
  • Sounds: VSQ (Ocean Wave), SoundEffect Lab. (Underwater, Avalanche)


  • Honorable Mention, Triennale CHIKUGO 2020