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Media Artist & Research Team

月虹 -Gecko-

Rainbow generator to explore its mistique.


Rainbow is often dealt with a symbol of miracle, sign of fortune, or bridge to Heaven. This mystic colorful natural phenomenon still has special meanings for us, though it varies with culture, region, religion, and so on. However, the principle of the rainbow is just an arc of colored light by refraction of the ray of the sun by rain or water vapor, which means it's just a spectrum of the sun light and color of each band is defined with its wave length. Therefore, we can "generate" a rainbow with an easy way: holding something like a prism, diffraction grating sheet, transparent bottle filled with water, or compact disk against refracting light. Why does a rainbow become our hope? Why do we feel it mystic even though we have already found the laws of the rainbow? If we reproduce a rainbow with machine and computer, we wonder whether its mystique still continues or not. Does a natural phenomenon caused by an artificial machine keep storing its mystique or cultural meanings? We explore it through our creation and exhibition.





W100 x H400 x D300 (mm)


Robot Arm, SBC (NVIDIA Jetson Nano), ROS